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The Pulse
The Pulse
The Pulse
The Pulse
The Pulse
The Pulse

The Pulse

Welcome to the official digital page for The Pulse! Since revamping the employee newsletter, the end goals have always been 1. move online to a digital platform and 2. expand The Pulse to our clients. The second goal is still to come, but for now I hope you enjoy the convenience of locating the newest edition of The Pulse. 

Submitting a form just got a whole lot easier! 

If you have a Standing Ovation or Department Spotlight submission fill out a form below! You can even submit a document or images to help bring visuals to your statements! 

Past editions of The Pulse will be posted here as well. MWI will now have their own time  capsule of sorts to look at through the years. 

Thank you all for your support! I look forward to continuing this newsletter for you. 

Standing Ovation

Does a fellow Professional deserve a Standing Ovation for their performace at MWI? Submit a form explaining in detail on what this professional as done to deserve this recognition! Forms will be evaluated at the end of each month. Jasmine reserves the right to edit any submissions to make appropriate for The Pulse.

Department Spotlight

This form in designed to shed light on the different departments within MWI. It takes everyone and each department to function properly in order for all of us to have success. You are welcomed to fill these out in advanced or when Jasmine notifies you that your department is being featured. Ideally these should be due on the 15th of each month, but that day has a way of creeping up on everyone. Please take the time to fill this out and submit it in a timely manner. Thanks!

The Pulse Collection

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Meet the Editor

Hello Everyone! My name is Jasmine. I am the Marketing Coordinator here at MWI. I always hoped to being involved and/or doing something with my career that I was passionate about. I never thought it would have been creating a employee newsletter. I have grown to enjoy the creative aspect and finding new topics to discuss each month. This portion of my job has really challenged me to further my writing skills. Before this I had not written up a document since college and that was just in 2021. I am grateful to create this space for all of us each month. 

When I am not challenging my marketing skills you can find me spending the rest of my time with my family. I also have a passion for cooking and cleaning! Living a healthy and clean lifestyle has always guided me in my daily routine and activities.

I appreciate everyone's support and guidance through the journey of creating The Pulse. I am excited for the future and the direction of where The Pulse will go.

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