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MWI Professional Portal


Salesmen Resources

Designed to Help You Achieve Your Goals.

Find nearly everything you need to grow your sales and reach your goals! This space is specifically for Salesmen and the resources they need to succeed. Below you will find forms to submit your customer needs, request marketing materials such has; promo items, literature, samples, displays, and anything else you may need.

Select Salesman

Vetting Checklist (you must do ALL)*

Valid Potential Customer: Examples to Check Validity

Validity checks can include - but are not limited to the following (you do not need to do all of these - these are just examples):

  • I have visited their operations.

  • This company is well-known in the industry.

  • I've reviewed their website, and they appear legitimate.

Choose an Option: Pricing vs Credit Account
Please send the Pricing Form to this potential customer.
Please send the Credit Account Form to this potential customer.
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